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The Forgotten Pages App: Moki by LumiPop The Forgotten Pages App: Moki by LumiPop

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Title: Bambi

Age: 17

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120 lbs

Story: Bambi, A Life in the Woods

Faction: Lutin

Florist - Moki works at the Flower Shop his caretaker owns. 

Oh Deer! - Moki can change into his deer form at will, it takes very little energy, he doesn't prefer being in his animal form. 

Speak - Moki is able to speak to animals, whether in his human form or his animal form. It doesn't take any energy. 

Kind - Stubborn - Curious - Naive - Outgoing 

Moki tries to be kind to everyone, because he really does like making friends, and keeping friends, but he can be a little hard to deal with. He's very stubborn and opinionated. Convincing him to change his mind is difficult, but not impossible, especially if the person trying is someone he's close to. Moki is very curious about all things, which can get him into trouble sometimes. He tends to stick his nose into places it doesn't belong, and of course he's just naive enough to believe that nothing bad is ever going to happen to him, even despite his less than perfect childhood. He is willing to talk to anyone and everyone who is available, he loves interacting! He could probably be easily seen as annoying by anyone who doesn't like constant chatter, though he would never notice if he was bothering someone. 

Likes and Dislikes: 
- Being Alone

Moki grew up in a small, close knit neighborhood in Lutin. Until Moki was about nine years old, his childhood was completely normal. Well, aside from the fact that his mother left him often to go and hang out with her friends. She was young and single, since Moki's father was rarely around, and had no interest in her anymore. She was a very sweet and caring mother, though, when she was around, which was, honestly, most of the time. It just seemed like forever to Moki that she was gone, even if he wasn't actually alone. He would be left with his wonderfully kind neighbor, Erma, and his cousins would be there often to play with as well. Those were really the happiest times of his life. 

It wasn't until he turned ten that his whole life changed. His mother was killed in a tragic accident. Moki had been with her during the accident, and was injured as well. He has a very prominent scar on his shoulder, that he always keeps wrapped and covered so that people don't ask him about it.  Moki was devastated and for a few years after his mother died, and he became quiet and withdrawn. He was taken in by the kind elderly neighbor that has babysat him so many times before. He would have went to stay with his aunt, but she really didn't have the room, so Erma was more than willing to take him in, and she eventually adopted him as her own. Moki spent the remainder of his childhood locked in his room, only coming out when he was either forced to by his worried caretaker, or when his mostly absent father came to visit. His father never came to see Moki while his mother was alive, but when the man learned about his ex-lover's death, he began to felt guilty. He felt bad about more or less abandoning his only child, so he began coming to see Moki occasionally. His father was stoic and rarely spoke, but he never failed to show up on most holidays, and all of Moki's birthdays, to bring him a trinket, ruffle his hair, and tell him to man up. Moki was always slightly happy to see him. It was always very bittersweet. As happy as he was to have his father around at least occasionally now, he was never really please with the fact that his father wanted him to be "manly" and "tough." It just wasn't the kind of person Moki ever wanted to be.

One day when Moki was 15, his cousins, Lena and Anster, who had become fed up with being ignored by him every time they came to visit, barged into his room, dragged him out, and, after getting permission, took him into the forest to talk. Lena managed to convince him that he couldn't spend his whole life in the dark, and that his mother would not be happy to see how he was living his life right now. That resonated with Moki deeply, and he realized she was right. He was letting his mother down. So, they picked a bouquet of wild flowers, and visited his mother's grave. He placed the flowers in front of her gravestone, and promised that he would start trying to enjoy life from there on out. 

He lived up to promise. He stopped locking himself up in his room. He became more lively and talkative and spent more time with his cousins, in addition to making new friends and allowing himself to be happy. He started working the the flower shop that Erma owned. He mostly swept and watered the flowers, but he was occasionally allowed to take orders and ever make flower arrangements himself. Erma couldn't have been happier with the change in him. 

-Commitment Issues

Relationships: N/A

Inventory: N/A

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